How Chilled Cow And Its Lofi Hip Hop Beats Helped Me Cope With Panic Attacks

⚠️ I will start by saying that although I’m not feeling great, I am doing better, much better. I want to also make full disclosure that I will have to make mention of the CO-VID 19 situation, since it is all tied together (panic attacks and my search for a clearer state of mind.) ⚠️

When did the walls get so thick and the air so thin?

When did I forget how to breath? It wasn’t all nonsense,

My head started to spin, my heart beat raced me to the other side of street,

It felt like it was the end of me.

It all started mid July on a Tuesday, I went to ER thinking that I had caught the virus yet again, I was quite sure it could not possibly be anxiety. I knew how anxiety made me feel: uncertain and depressed, not at the verge of death to the point I couldn’t catch my breath. It turns out that what I’m describing right now, are the main symptoms of a panic attack. Most people get a panic attack at some point in their lives, but I had developed by then a consistent strain of attacks during the week. When I got out of the ER, I started therapy.

Talking, building an understanding of the problem and having the right therapeutic support via zoom once a week, has really helped. A guide that my friend in Chile passed on to me about how to manage anxiety and panic attacks, helped tremendously as well (on this link you can find a similar short guide in English.)

Every little helps, and what does the trick is having the right elements to the mix. In my case, I was anxious and consistently looking into the news, media, text messages. The Internet is wonderful, but my use of it wasn’t too great. One can be trapped inside a loop of ever changing information, in order to stop the panic attacks, I needed to stop compulsively Googling symptoms or checking the news and statistics about the corona virus.

During this time I felt so on edge that I couldn’t even process movies, tv series clips from Youtube or social media in general. I was useless, and every bit of noise or disturbance scared me, by the state of things, I needed to change my dynamic with my mobile device…

What I decided to do from then on, was that every time I was tempted to look for a piece of information on Google, Twitter or watch some recommended videos from Youtube, I would rather go to Chilled Cow’s channel and put on one of the live streams (lofi hip hop radio — beats to relax/study to or lofi hip hop radio — beats to sleep/chill to). I would also put on the live streams when I needed to lay down and practice diaphragmatic breathing.

Here is the thing, when you mix distraction with simplicity, it gets easier. I have been doing my breathing techniques, or any other daily task, with this music in the background and it helps to set the mood, without having to think: What artist should I put on next? When will the music stop playing? I guess I will have to think of a genre I’m in the mood to listen to. It isn’t a mind blowing discovery, but for a person with OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder) not having to think is an indescribable sense of relief.

Now I’m more capable of watching entertainment and researching on the internet (in good measure) without feeling too much of a trigger. In a month, I have managed to feel better with the 🤘 POWER OF MUSIC 🤘 jk.

I know that I’m not talking about anything new here, Dazed Digital, MTV and other media have spoken about the relaxation primary focus of the channel, not to mention that I’m 2 to 3 years too late to the conversation. But I’m happy to be writing again, whilst listening to lofi hip hop radio — beats to relax/study to, especially since I’m writing in good faith.

My last bit of advice: there are always mindful, wholesome, relaxing and creative solutions to cope with anxiety. It can take some time to get used to these difficult times, but I hope this information is useful on some level to you, the reader :)

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